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Author: Lisa Ayu Ariyanti

Reog Ponorogo

Assalamualaikum, kali ini aku akan menceritakan tentang kota kelahiran Alm. bapakku yaitu Kota Ponorogo. Ponorogo adalah sebuah kabupaten di provinsi Jawa Timur bagian barat. Ponorogo dikenal dengan julukan Kota Reog atau Bumi Reog karena daerah ini merupakan daerah asal usul dari Kesenian Tari Reog. Selain itu, Ponorogo juga dikenal sebagai Kota Santri karena terdapat banyak pondok pesantren, salah satu pondok pesantren yang terkenal yaitu Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor yang terletak di desa Gontor. Reog merupakan salah satu seni budaya Indonesia yang harus dilestarikan. Selain  terkenal di dalam negeri, Reog telah dikenal oleh masyakarat luar atau Go-Internasional. Reog adalah salah...

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How to Take Food Photography Look Perfect

So you take photos of food–whether you’re out at restaurants or documenting family dinner. But the pictures end up looking blah? Yeah. There are all sorts of secrets to taking stunning food shots. Food can be finicky.  Capturing the colors, the smells, the textures, the tastes is an art unto itself. But fear not, it doesn’t take endless years of practice to perfect food photography. There are a few quick tricks that will instantly unlock some of the secrets pro’s use to make their images stand out. And I’m about to spill some of ’em. Studio 5 KSL asked me to round up 5 top tips for a segment on beginning food photography. But it was too hard to narrow down to just 5. So whether you saw my Studio 5 Segment, or stumbled here from another site, here are SEVEN of the most important things to keep in mind when taking photos of food.  I designed the list as a checklist of sorts. If you’re about to prep a shot, start at the top of this list, and move on down. By the time you’ve considered all 7 points, considered colors and picked perfect props, you’ll be poised to capture an image that doesn’t just say “oh hey, I’m a piece of food.” It’ll scream “eat me, babyyy! Eat me!” to anyone on the other side of the screen....

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