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Author: Kiko Amalia Putri

Rumah Budaya Watulimo dan Pantai Prigi Bukti Nyata Keindahan Kabupaten Trenggalek

Pada Oktober 2019 silam, saya berkesempatan untuk menikmati indahnya Kabupaten Trenggalek melalui kegiatan Pengabdian Masyarakat yang diadakan oleh kampus. Mungkin banyak dari kalian yang kurang tahu bahkan belum tahu sama sekali tempat apa saja yang sebenarnya menjadi ikon dari Kabupaten Trenggalek ini. Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya dimanjakan dengan keindahan dari Rumah Budaya Watulimo dan Pantai Prigi yang juga merupakan asset dari Kabupaten Trenggalek itu sendiri. Kabupaten Trenggalek merupakan salah satu Kabupaten di Propinsi Jawa Timur yang terletak di bagian selatan dari wilayah Propinsi Jawa Timur. Kabupaten ini sebagian besar terdiri dari tanah pegunungan dengan luas meliputi 2/3 bagian...

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How to Be a Journalist

The field of journalism may be really competitive, but it’s also important to society. If you’ve been bitten by the journalism bug, then you definitely want to do your best so that you can be successful in your field. With a bit of hard work and a great attitude, you can be a good journalist. Improving Your Writing Skills 1. Write every day. Journalism consists mostly of writing, whether it’s an article or live-tweeting a story. You need to be a strong writer who has a voice, and the way to get there is practice. Daily writing allows you to get your practice and helps build your confidence, which is key to succeeding as a writer. 2. Build your grammar skills. You need to be able to proofread and edit your writing so that you can produce clean copy. Use a spellchecker to avoid misspellings, and proofread to make sure that you don’t have any typos. Make sure any revisions and edits are made to the article, but check to ensure that your word processor isn’t setup to show comments or changes. 3. Use sample texts to help you develop new skills. Find articles that you like and try to write your own article in a similar way. This is called using a mentor text. Your mentor text serves as a model for how an article should be written....

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