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Author: Habsah Nur Aini

Kedatangan ‘Superhero’ di Pantai Kenjeran Surabaya

Sebagian besar orang Surabaya ataupun yang sudah sering menjelajahi kota Surabaya tentu tidak asing lagi dengan salah satu tempat wisata alamnya, yaitu Pantai Kenjeran. Pantai ini biasanya ramai pengunjung di hari weekend, namun tidak menutup kemungkinan Pantai Kenjeran sering kedatangan wisatawan di hari-hari biasa. Tempat ini sering dikunjungi oleh keluarga yang sekedar ingin berjalan-jalan dan berfoto, anak-anak kecil yang bermain, maupun para fotografer yang senang berburu sunset dan sunrise karena tempatnya yang indah. Khusus pada tanggal 17 Agustus dan bertepatan dengan hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-74,  tempat ini kedatangan ‘Superhero’  beramal. Tentunya mereka bukan ‘Superhero’  sungguhan yang biasa kita...

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Photography Tips for Beginer

1. Use the Camera You Already Have Camera gear is not all that important. There are countless cameras, lenses, and other accessories on the market today. We spend a lot of time reviewing them at Photography Life, and it’s true that some are better than others (or better suited for a given job). But once you’ve tested enough of them, the real takeaway is that pretty much everything today is excellent. The differences are almost always minor, especially at a given price. 2. Work with Your Composition To take engaging photos, you need to be engaged with what you’re doing. Don’t just fly by on autopilot. Instead, put thought into your composition and try to make your photos as good as possible. 3. Learn Which Settings Matter There are a lot of camera settings, and it takes some practice to get them right, especially as a beginner. Even advanced photographers won’t always do everything perfectly. But it’s worth learning how to set your camera properly, and which camera settings matter the most, so you have the best chance to take the photos you want. 4. Don’t Overexpose Highlights When you are picking your camera settings, it is critical to avoid overexposing highlights in a photo. The reason? It’s simply impossible to recover any detail from white areas of a photo. It’s pretty easy to keep your highlights intact. But this is...

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